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The New Philosophy in Benefit Design

Employers need advanced analytics to identify their root causes in increasing healthcare costs. Our software platforms accurately identify all of the cost drivers throughout your covered membership. We truly reduce the frequency and size of claims.

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New Standards of Consulting

Legacy carriers have a weak sense of the management employers need. Expensive care is mistaken for being quality care. Legacy Carriers must increase costs to pay shareholder dividends and increase their stock price. Their benefit plans are packed with overcharges, abuse, excess profits financially benefiting providers and themselves.

Advanced Benefit Design Institute will identify this unnecessary spending and retain your money.

Self Insured Plans Inherently Do Not Reduce Claim Costs

There’s the fact, for example, that self-insured health plans, in the main, control costs no better than fully insured health plans. Most of us, industry insiders included, have simply assumed that the opposite is true. On the face of it, self-insured plans have every advantage, an argument health benefit consultant enthusiastically embrace when urging their employer clients to move to self-funding. Plan sponsors can avoid the costs of state-mandated benefits. They can define their benefit designs and, to a large extent, designate which providers their enrollees will use, and which vendors will manage complex processes.

Healthcare Claims Data Drives Decisions

Problem solving at the root cause. Custom Crafted Benefits promoting your culture. Effective incentive development to change behavior and drive steerage.

The answers to where your money is going will anger you. If we are going to have a serious debate about healthcare cost, you need to understand current healthcare delivery and partner with us to implement effective processes that reduce the frequency and size of your healthcare utilization.


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Our General Contract Provisions
Our Work is Guaranteed to Reduce Your Healthcare Spending or We Do Not Get Paid.
We deliver 100% Transparency and Perform to a Fiduciary Standard.
Our Feasibility Fee is 100% Refunded If We Cannot Save You 100% of Our Fee.
We Get Paid 25% of What We Save Your Plan If You Retain Your Broker.
We work with an NDA.