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Advanced Benefit Design Institute is a subsidiary of Hettesheimer Insurance Agency, Inc. & Associates

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Identifying Every Opportunity to Reduce Cost

Employers are under increasing pressure to find new ways to reduce their healthcare spending. We are the leading progressive consultant/aggregator, finding healthcare partners that share our mission. Ending wasteful spending, and misaligned benefits and plan designs.

We get paid only after we reduce your healthcare spending.



Advanced Benefit Design Institute, Powerful Software & Knowledge

CFOs engage Advanced Benefit Design Institute to provide an objective assessment of the self-insured medical and pharmacy plans administered and adjudicated by their current administrator. The purpose of the evaluation is to analyze and identify solutions to help control costs inherent in the delivery of medicine that is typically ignored by insurance carriers - because of misaligned incentives.

The long-term strategy is to deliver low-cost, high-quality care with a sustainable ongoing cost structure. If the following strategies are implemented, healthcare will become a competitive advantage in recruiting and retention.

Through the implementation of the strategies outlined, you will be able to measurably and predictably lower the frequency and severity of its claims cost as measured by per employee per year (PEPY) over time.

We work under a contract for service, an NDA, with or without your current broker, and an up-front fee for account set-up costs. We share in the savings we generate in your healthcare plan monthly.

Our work is 100% guaranteed. If Advanced Benefit Design Institute cannot identify savings equal to our fee, we will refund 100% of the difference.




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