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CFOs engage Advanced Benefit Design Institute to provide an objective assessment of their self-insured medical and pharmacy plans. The purpose of the evaluation is to recover and reduce MILLIONS of DOLLARS! Advanced Benefit Design Institute’s solutions control costs inherent in the delivery of medicine that is voraciously taken by insurance carriers, hospitals, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers; - because of misaligned incentives.

Through the implementation of the strategies outlined, you will be able to measurably and predictably lower your PMPY costs.

We work under a contract for service, an NDA, with or without your current broker, and an up-front fee for account set-up costs. We share in the savings we generate in your healthcare plan monthly.

Our work is 100% guaranteed. If Advanced Benefit Design Institute cannot identify savings equal to our fee, we will refund 100% of the difference. What have you got to lose?

 I am Scott Hettesheimer and I have been working in insurance since 1977 focused on how to reduce the frequency and size of healthcare claims. I wrote the book, "Healthcare’s C-Suite Solution” an Amazon #1 Best Seller, October 2023. ABDI’s “Retro Review” has recovered 100s of millions of dollars in provider overcharges for employers with over 100,000 employees that we share with the employer and its employees. I work with CFOs and their brokers. Advanced Benefit Design Institute provides a one-of-a-kind service to the marketplace at 0% financial risk to employers.

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