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We deliver the best "Next Generation" Healthcare Solutions for Brokers nation-wide with employer groups with as few as 20 employees. We are "Masters" in custom-crafted, safe, LEVEL FUNDED, TRADITIONAL and CAPTIVE self-insured solutions. Our cost containment tools and tactics are the best available. We are a collaborative group of professional entrepreneurs fixing healthcare benefits and controlling cost. We are information technology management solution innovators. We apply a systemic approach to healthcare management strategies, level funded self-insured contracts and perform population health management, and healthcare consulting of all aspects of employee benefits. We become your “Outsourced HR” benefit solution. We significantly lower healthcare spending and improve "State of Health" by helping you change culture to eliminate healthcare need. Increase benefit satisfaction, retain, and attract talent.

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Our Mission

To help solve our Nation's Healthcare Crisis and Retirement Savings Crisis. We accomplish this with our patient-centered healthcare benefit model, cost control tools, and strategies.

Our Values

With rising healthcare costs, employers are under increasing pressure to find new ways to reduce their healthcare spending. Employers cannot do this on their own, and must find a leading progressive benefits advisor and administrator as their partner. Advanced Benefit Design Institute is a national "Thank Tank" consisting of several "innovators" leading the way to "Next Generation" benefits. State of the art technology; workplace wellness programs that drive engagement with enviable financial incentives; value-based insurance designs; consumer-directed health plans; transparency, and new provider healthcare delivery.


Our Solution

Engage worldwide methodologies with web-enabled technology. Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric outside the box thinking.


Advanced Benefit Design Institute, Powerful Services & Measurable Results

The administration platform as well as all claims processing, compliance and cost containment strategies are fully vetted, delivering the highest performance available for employer sponsored benefit plans. Our Outsourced Benefits Consulting Services provide advantages over our competition. All processes are measurable, providing evidenced-based reporting of performance.

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