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Fixing HealthCare Benefit Delivery

  • Reduce HealthCare Benefit Spending up to 26%
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Prepare Yourself for ObamaCare Compliance
  • Retain and Attract Talent with Competitive Benefits
  • Increase Productivity
  • Identifying the Health Risk Driving your Workers Comp Cost

A New Long Term Strategy Without Cost Shifting to Employees

If Your Renewal Price Has Been Increasing Then What You've Been Doing Doesn't Work!

  • You must have a better Benefit Delivery Platform
  • All employers must have their HealthCare Reform Compliance Manual
  • We identify the good, the bad and the ugly of your benefits
  • We know what works and how to deliver long term solutions!

We are Problem Solvers!

HealthCare Expense Reduction Specialists --- Why has your cost been increasing?

Our work begins by identifying your root cause of healthcare need. Identifying and improving disease treatment compliance. Identifying 100% of your risk and managing before diagnosis.

Better Access, Better Care, Lower Cost -- Do you need affordable, sustainable and competitive benefits to retain and attract talent?


Our strategy engages all plan members; employees and spouses. We target 100% for engagement. We solve for medical illiteracy. We implement a simple user interface. The interface provides a single source URL, login and password for all of your benefits and benefit services. It allows wellness coaches, physicians and case managers to do their jobs with more information at their fingertips. Employers can easily communicate with employees and spouses.

We normally reduce spending $1,300.00 to #3,000.00 per employee in the first 12 months. We flatten renewals, productivity increases, we lower workmen's comp risk!

Do you know your healthcare cost risk? Here are your real cost drivers. According to ADA and CDC analysis:

  • 45% of adults had at least one of three diagnosed or undiagnosed chronic conditions - hypertension, hypercholesterolmia, or diabetes; one in eight audlts (13%) had two of these conditions; and 3% of adults had all three chronic conditions.
  • Nearly one in seven U.S. adults (15%) had one or more of these conditions undiagnosed
  • Two out of three hypertensive do not have good control
  • 34.89% of the population is pre-diabetic
  • More than 1 our of 2 covered members in your plan have or will have in the next 5 years, chronic diagnosis and too many of them do not know. For most people, this is preventable. Most people will modify behavior once informed.

Do you know who these people are? Your healthcare managers better find out!

How do we achieve our financial claims?

Our ROI is calculated from:

  • The increase in the performance of your wellness program. We supercharge wellness plans, doubling, tripling and quadrupling their ROI
  • The increased effectiveness (Disease treatment compliance) from your Disease Management
  • The stopping and reversing of disease progression through the automated interventions that reduce healthcare need - Avoiding healthcare need
  • Reduce absenteeism, productivity, moral and "State of Health"
  • Reduction of Workers Comp risk from health related events


Save Yourself Time and Effort with Advanced Benefit Design Institute

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