Our “Cost Modeling” process identifies opportunities for us to illustrate the excess spending in your healthcare benefits. At least 25% of your cost is abuse, fraud, and overcharging.
The "Cost Modeling” process is free. After collecting your data, Advanced Benefit Design Institute will craft a consulting offer where we will guarantee a 15% reduction in spending, identify available cost reduction and offer;

1) a consulting relationship where we share in the savings, and you continue to work with your broker.
2) or you name us your broker and we take commission instead of a percent of savings.

Our proprietary software finds waste, fraud, abuse, and overcharging that can eliminate. If we cannot reduce your spending, we do not get paid.

We just showed a 500-employee group $5,500,000.00 in cost reduction over a 3-year engagement. (NO COST-SHIFTING) We Deliver Benefit Satisfaction.


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