Cost Modeling identifies opportunities for us to illustrate the excesses in your healthcare benefits spending.   If we do not find from our initial analysis opportunities for you to reduce spending, then our consulting will not reduce your cost. This is unusual and we do not charge to make this discovery.

After finding opportunities to lower your healthcare benefit-cost, we offer a fee based on the dollar amount we reduce your cost by. Our proprietary software finds waste, fraud, abuse, and overcharging we can eliminate. If we cannot reduce your spending, we will refund you 100% of our fee. 

CFOs must focus on cost reduction more than ever. Non-labor/Supply spend is typically the second-largest expense accounting for over 40% of total operating expenses. Our work will improve your SG&A, converting OpEx to EBITDA, and increase your company profits, not carrier profits.

We manage your Healthcare Supply Chain, daily.  “Healthcare Supply Chain Management” — the holistic flow of relationships between providers, administrators, employers, and employees — is about efficiently delivering high-quality care at the lowest cost, from point of purchase to point of use.

Our management of health benefits plans delivers maximum efficiency, especially if your consumed healthcare is increasing.

We just showed a 500-employee group $5,500,000.00 in cost reduction over our 3-year engagement. (NO COST SHIFTING) We Deliver Benefit Satisfaction.


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