Why This Direct Primary Care Solution Is The Best!


1. Focus on Superior Individual Healthcare 

Our providers are committed to excellence in healthcare delivery. Our DPC model allows us the time that is necessary to really listen and consider all of the best options for the individual’s health and wellness.

2. Preventative and Proactive Medical Management 

High Deductibles and Co-pays have forced many to abandon preventative care and avoid medical treatment even when it is necessary. Offer your team the change they need. Come whenever and as often as necessary.

3. Better Access Through Technology

Same day office visits are great but in this age of technology we offer many ways to access care. Consult with providers how and when you want via phone call, text, email or video conference. Membership includes most of what you need and often a 10-minute virtual visit is all it takes.

4. Labs & Prescriptions at Significant Savings

Many labs and prescription drugs are provided as a pass-through.  Decrease these costs up to 70% over traditional healthcare.  It is likely that this alone pays for the membership.

5. Effectively Manage Employee Healthcare

Better healthcare options help the individual and company. Decrease work time loss, decrease ER visits, eliminate workers' compensation budget and decrease recordable injuries.

6. A Health Plan to Recruit and Retain

Reimagine the way your business can use health benefits an options to recruit and retain across your workforce. Even offer healthcare options to independent contractors.


Technology can even make seeing a specialist easier and less expensive. E-Consults are available with medical specialists at affordable rates.

For example, a simple cholesterol panel costs an average of $65 when billed through insurance or hospital cash pricing. Members pay $4.00 for the same test! No cost to a self-insured plan.