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  • Do you carry 200+ pounds of paper into your open enrollment meetings?
  • Are you taking advantage of the Open Enrollment meeting to deliver all compliance documentation?
  • Are you delivering all of your Voluntary Benefits collateral?
  • Is this information lost after they leave the meeting?


We will custom brand, create, organize and deliver CDs for your next open enrollment meeting!

Imagine delivering all of your benefit information, organized contact information, compliance documents, products and more to each employee on a simple CD.

Impress your client, simplify your meeting, simplify communications and deliver all of your agency services on 1 CD.

Employers will deliver the benefits CD to all new hires, simplifying their communication and compliance requirements.

Far less than the cost of paper copies and binding, you can increase your professionalism, improve compliance, information delivery and sell more business!

When you deliver our custom created CDs at your open enrollment meetings, you are delivering all of the PPACA, ACA, ObamaCare or HealthCare Reform documents as well as current benefits, optional benefits, and more.

The CD burning service delivers a CD for each employee and dependent if desired. Includes all of the documentation that you would deliver in the open enrollment meeting and more. It backs up all of the Employer's compliance delivery as well. The service is branded to your agency.

Prices include agent branding. Employer custom branding adds $65.00 per employer. You can order 1,000 CDs, "inventory" the 1,000 and incrementally use them per group as the open enrollment meetings occur.

The Cd burning service delivers a CD for each employee and dependent if desired. You have to supply the files you want to deliver.


  • 100 for $350.00
  • 250 for $562.00
  • 500 for $956.00
  • 1,000 for $1,750.00


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