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A Full Benefits Audit is a great marketing tool. Creating a DOL Reform Compliant Audit Manual differentiates your business. Obama care is planning to fund provisions of PPACA with employer fines – approximately $10 Billion over 10 years. Employers have to be ready for this audit.

The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Services Administration (EBSA) has broad enforcement authority under ERISA and routinely conducts audits of group health benefit plans to investigate or audit the plan’s compliance with various federal laws and if need be initiate civil and criminal complaints.

In 2010, the DOL was conducting about 3000 audits annually, but in the past two years, the DOL has increased the number of routine audits significantly and will quadruple the number of audits. Any employee, past employee, dependents or IRS audits will automatically trigger a DOL Audit. Similar to COBRA Audits, where a compliance manual is required.

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Services Include:

  1. Essentials of a DOL HealthCare Reform Audit (Manual)
  2. Full Benefits Audit, Data Collection
  3. PPACA Employer Rules & Penalties
  4. Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  5. HIPAA Breach Notification
  6. Health Care Reform – Next Steps
  7. Dependent Audit
  8. HRA Compliance Zane Benefits
  9. Sick Pay Plans
  10. Fixed Annuities-Advantages
  11. Employer Benefits:
    1. LTC For Business Owners
    2. Disability Buy Out for Business Owners
    3. Group LTC
    4. Key Person Disability
    5. Business Succession
    6. Cross Purchase Buy Sell
    7. Asset Recovery
    8. Executive Bonus



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