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The Guide to Self-Insuring with TPA Vetting Directions was created to provide Forward thinking Brokers with training and educational resources. Helping Brokers navigate the transition from fully insured to self- insured group insurance contracts. With or without Health Care Reform and exchanges, the most logical group insurance solution for all healthy employers is an ERISA contract.

The Guide to Self-Insuring with TPA Vetting Directions identifies the “newest” technology, products and concepts in health care benefit administration and management that reduces and avoids healthcare cost. This only works in ERISA, self insured group contracts. We define the small group arena as 10 to 250 employees; large group is 250+. New ERISA contracts identify risk, limit risk and can fully fund the risk creating the opportunity for employers to receive a premium refund.

ERISA contracts are the only contracts in the marketplace that allow employers to keep the healthcare cost savings they create with behavior management, wellness and other healthcare supply chain management functions that reduce costs. We provide the needed ERISA, alternative funding education for brokers.

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Guide to Self-Insuring with TPA Vetting Directions
Synchronized HealthCare Benefit Delivery

  • TPA Vetting Guide
  • Why ERISA – Benefit Design Flexibility & Lower Premium Taxes
  • ERISA: definitions , terminology and application
  • Navigating the Switch to self Insurance
  • IRS Section 105 & 105(h)
  • HRA custom document creation
  • SPD and Stop Loss coordination
  • Benefit Design
  • Self-Funded Medical Presentation
  • Innovation Flow Chart
  • Recommended Third Party Administrators
  • HealthCare Analytics & Predictive Modeling
  • HealthCare Management Overview
  • HealthCare Management Active Reporting
  • National Benchmarking
  • HSA Education Course
  • Risk Stratification
  • Disease Progression Forecasting for Case Management
  • Solutions for Pharmaceutical Benefit Management
  • Description of Wellness
  • U.S. Employers Group Health Travel Benefits
  • Adjusted Clinical Groups
  • Product Performance Areas
  • Self-Funded vs. Fully Insured
  • Self-Funded Health Insurance
  • Why Would I Become a Self-Insured Employer
  • Employer Strategies


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