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Advanced Benefit Design Institute offers an independent outsourced human resource service as well as benefit consulting for employers and training/consulting for Brokers. Fee based services providing access to industry-specific specialists and subject matter expertise.

Advanced Benefit Design Institute is a “forward thinking” focused consulting service. Scott Hettesheimer has over 37 years experience in benefits and is exceptional with healthcare analytics, forward looking predictive modeling, engagement strategies, ERISA self insurance contracts, healthcare delivery, real healthcare cost lowing products and more.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Occupational Health Feasibility Analysis
  • Population Health Management
  • Forward Looking Predictive Modeling
  • Benefit Delivery Platform
  • Healthcare Needs Analysis
  • Strategies Engaging 100% of Members, Including Dependents
  • Healthcare Performance Analysis
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Pilot Trials
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Disease Treatment Compliance Management
  • Behavior Management Tactics
  • Evidence Based Management Reporting
  • Strategies for Meeting New PPACA Regulations
  • Long Term Benefit Planning
  • Accountable Methods and Reports

Advanced Benefit Design Institute is your answer for employee benefits strategic design, benefits delivery and holistic “state of health” management. We deliver solutions to drive immediate engagement with measurable – evidence based improvements in healthcare performance. We are results driven. We are your “Outsourced Benefits Solution.”



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