Continued pressure on reimbursement and payment methodologies require CFOs to focus on cost reduction more than ever. Non-labor/Supply spend is typically the second-largest expense accounting for over 40% of total operating expenses. Our work will improve your SG&A, converting OpEx to EBITDA, and increase your company profits, not carrier profits.

Through awareness and availability of information in consumed healthcare and chronic disease management has promoted the demand for enhanced benefits, complex data management, and effective collaboration among the vendors collaborating to deliver better employer-sponsored healthcare benefits.

Healthcare supply chain management — the holistic flow of relationships between providers, administrators, employers, and employees — is about efficiently delivering high-quality care at the lowest cost, from point of purchase to point of use.

Most employers believe their health benefits plan is functioning at maximum efficiency, their Broker is doing his best work, regardless of their cost of consumed healthcare increase being unsustainable.

We average an annual $600,000 savings for a 200-man group. (NO COST SHIFTING)

We Deliver Benefit Satisfaction.

Very few healthcare plan administrators and shareholders are implementing the appropriate supply chain management strategies, even as budgets get gobbled up and benefits are reduced.

Legacy carriers have a weak sense of the management they need. Expensive care is mistaken for being quality care. Legacy Carriers must increase costs in order to pay shareholder dividends and increase their stock price.

We believe that it is imperative to address all areas to control Non-Labor/Supply related expenses with a specific focus towards enhancing Supply Chain management and target your cost drivers. We achieve high levels of supply chain management, (integration and efficiency) to realize higher quality clinical outcomes and better financial outcomes. A strong supply chain management program optimizes pricing, benefits per member and utilization of care and services.

The experienced Advanced Benefit Design Institute Consulting Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can analyze your healthcare system’s Non-Labor expenses, clinical and purchased services spend, and complete market comparative analysis to enable the most savings and improvement in the shortest amount of time.

We do not shop benefits, we analyze actual healthcare costs, disease treatment compliance, and clinical outcomes to custom craft your benefits strategy.

Data as an essential factor in this equation. As more robust systems operate supply management, the data gathered and analyzed helps guide needed healthcare decisions to save money and ensure the employer member population receive the right services when they need them.