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  • New sales approach
  • Converting outbound marketing to inbound
  • Selling healthcare cost reduction
  • New group insurance contracts
  • Hard to get appointments w/o new ideas
  • Traditional marketing approaches failing
  • Cannot differentiate ourselves to prospects
  • Cannot identify or reduce healthcare costs
  • Cannot identify why employer’s healthcare costs increase
  • We need new products and strategies to present
  • Can I quote your insurance…? Not Working
  • Competition proposes the same strategies
  • PPACA/MLR will remove HDHP/CDHP, HSA & HRA plan designs
  • Limited to no actionable client data w/fully insured plans
  • Rate increases resulting from people getting sicker quicker
  • Ineffective hard to manage incentives
  • Wellness and Health Risk Assessments not evidence based
  • Cost Avoidance strategies cannot be identified or managed
  • Cannot measure financial and clinical results
  • Implement Effective Marketing to a starving crowd
  • Improve Quality of Life, Productivity and Retirement Wealth
  • Reduce The Cost of Needed HealthCare
  • Leverage HealthCare Data
  • Real Group Health Insurance Solutions
  • Re-Invent Your Agency Slideshow
  • Agency E-Card
  • Creating New Opportunities-Group Health
  • Why Should I Do Business with You
  • Quote Request for Group Benefits
  • Quote Request for Annuity
  • Quote Request for Disability
  • Quote Request for Life
  • Quote Request for LTC
  • Quote Request for ERISA, Group Health
  • Defined Contribution Structure
  • Sample Employer Approach Letters
  • Re-Invent Yourself Marketing Plan
  • Presentation – Approach to Employer


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