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  • Making Healthcare Benefits Great Again!

    We are not healthcare "Business as Usual." We custom craft Self-Insured Solutions.
    Level Funded beginning at 10 lives. Minimum Funded, Captives & ASOs.
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  • Complete Broker Membership - Our Best Value!

    Includes: ERISA Academy TPA Vetting Manual, Re-Invent Yourself, Benefits Business Plan, DOL Audit Manual, Agent E-Business Card, and Full Benefit Audit Read More
  • Customize Your Open Enrollment Delivery Services

    Custom brand, create, organize, and deliver CDs for your next open enrollment meeting Read More
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Lifestyle Risk Calculator

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New 401(k) tool! Determines lost 401(k) contributors caused by employee engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

Guide to Self-Insuring with TPA Vetting Directions 


Price $550.00

We guide Brokers through the transition from fully insured to self-insured group insurance contracts.

Open Enrollment Delivery Services


Custom brand, create, organize and deliver CDs for your next open enrollment meeting.

Re-Invent Yourself

Price $200.00

Improve quality of life, productivity and retirement wealth, reduce the need of healthcare.

Benefits Business Plan

Price $350.00

Strategic framework helping benefits leaders design how to best achieve competitive and affordable healthcare benefits.

Healthcare Cost Reductions

Call for Pricing

Offers an independent outsourced human resource service as well as benefit consulting for employer and training/consulting for Brokers.

ACA Compliance Assessment

Price $550.00

ObamaCare Compliance Manual for Agent. ObamaCare Compliance Manual for Employer.

Agent E-Business Card   

Price $150.00

Media Kit included.

Full Benefits Audit

Price $200.00

Great marketing tool, differentiates your business.

HRA Document Creation & Administration Guide

Price $550.00

HRA benefits are uniquely designed by you for your client.

Compliant SPD & Wrap Documents

Price $650.00

10 employer document set.

Complete Broker Membership (Best Value)

Price $900.00

-ERISA Academy TPA Vetting Manual

-Re-Invent Yourself

-Benefits Business Plan

-ACA Compliance Assessment

-Agent E-Business Card

-Full Benefits Audit



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