What Employers Should Expect From Their Broker

As employers explore and implement alternative funding options, it is critical to work with an Agent resource with a track record of offering broad experience to address this strategic shift from every angle. This Agent/Firm must have the knowledge to assist in taking advantage of the cost-containment rewards and other benefits that a self-insured strategy offers, while also being able to support the company in putting a long-term strategy in place that minimizes financial and liability risks. In addition, even before the employer moves to a self-funded or level-funded model, this Agent/Firm should be providing guidance and rolling out a game plan on how to advance a culture of health and wellness in your organization.

Ongoing evaluation of where the organization is headed strategically and operationally. Continuous assessment of employee population dynamics associated with multiple generations using the program.

Regular analysis of all viable cost-containment programs in the marketplace to ensure that the alternative funding model is working and helping the employer better manage costs within that model, to include custom crafted benefit concepts.

Consistent employee engagement and education activities to ensure that employees understand all their provider options and program details.

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