Centers of Excellence (COEs)

Beyond direct contracting, large employers are also increasingly developing Centers of Excellence programs, which focus on specific areas of medicine and care delivery (e.g., bariatric or spine surgery) and provide a high volume of services for those select procedures. Typically, COEs are selected because they deliver the best outcomes, often at a lower cost than competing facilities. For some employers, COEs also function as a source of data and best practices, helping identify optimal care standards and cost-effective treatments. Centers of Excellence start at 70% of Medicare but are typically not priced as a percent of Medicare.

Employers can reimburse workers and family members for medical travel, and there are services that can help make these arrangements. The best “Centers of Excellence" provide support services for out-of-towners, including all logistics as well as groceries in your private suite.

We integrate an unparalleled Center of Excellence deliverable. Custom crafted, configured by Consultant Maria K Todd MHA PhD award-winning international management consultant, trainer, speaker and author. She brings a fresh and practicable perspective on healthcare business administration, healthcare cost containment, and health travel business development. She holds more than 40 copyrights, is the author of 19 internationally-published books, holds several registered trademarks including one for a new term of art in healthcare, and a pending patent on new software inventions.

Our primary “Center of Excellence” does business Internationally and for some medical needs it is the only domestic solution. This unique solution can be integrated in all our self-insured contracts at no charge.

“What Are You Doing to Reduce Frequency and Size of claims?”