Is Your Only Strategy Shopping and Spreadsheeting?

We call this “Healthcare Business as Usual,” also referred to as Einstein’s definition of insanity; more is needed for sound financial analysis in today’s dynamic health marketplace.

What are you doing to reduce your Frequency and size of claims? Adding a Wellness plan?

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Annually quoting and shopping your group does nothing to reduce your frequency and size of claims. Stop reducing your benefits, increasing co-pays, increasing deductibles, increasing employee contributions and reducing providers. This has the opposite desired outcome; your people are getting sicker quicker.

Naturally, a health plan that can offer all access, minimal disruption plus more efficient, higher-quality care can lower costs and improve outcomes, resulting in both fewer claim dollars and less lost time. After all, the main reason everyone buys insurance is to have access to the very best care for their medical need.

To what degree is there existing or potential alignment of members with value-based providers? Can we run a match of provider-patient relationships against those providers engaged in value-based care delivery and/or participating in a high-performance network? Is there a significant opportunity to easily align members with more cost-effective and higher-quality providers?

“What Is Your Broker Doing to Reduce Frequency and Size of Claims?”