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In the 12 months ending Oct. 1, 2012, more than 300 EBSA investigators in 10 regional offices closed 3,566 investigations, 72.1% of which resulted in a total of $1.27 billion in fines. About one-quarter of those investigations resulted from the approximately 240,000 inquiries that come from participants. The above describes the DOL’s activity prior to HealthCare Reform. Obama Care is forecasting the collection of over $10 Billion over 10 years in new fines levied against employers for failing to be compliant with Obama Care.

Employers need to understand the audit process and take action today to audit proof their benefits. Creating a DOL HealthCare Reform Audit Manual is your best course of action. We are a due diligence audit to the ACA mandates. We are not a compliance service. We are not attorneys and are not providing legal advice.

Employers will save on tremendous consulting and legal fees by creating their compliance manual. No formal DOL Audit Manual has been created or offered from the DOL. We do not expect the DOL to ever offer one.

At this time everyone has to make their best effort to be compliant. Our DOL Audit Manual is your best defense.

The Audit process begins with a request for documents followed by an interview. Having a compliance manual on hand is an advantage for your business. Everything listed in the DOL audit request letter has been addressed.

You do not want the investigator to find violations where corrective action still needs to be taken. Knowing what to expect and preparing for this is a necessary step in preparing for an audit. Having the material proof of all compliance actions is one of the DOL requirements.

The process begins with a document request. We will compare your documents to compliant templates we have of file. If your documents do not contain the minimum verbiage in the reference documents, we will send you replacement documents. We will construct your manual in a manner consistent with the DOL’s audit request letter.

We will deliver a ‘notebook” 3 ring binder compliance manual. You will be able to easily update your manual as compliance guidelines evolve.



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